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We look forward to Creating design solutions that represent your business and brand. Take a moment to view our offered services below as well as a portfolio of our work.

Celebrate & Create,

Christianna Ware

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Eden’s Garden is a wholistic company that offers sea moss, elderberry syrup, feminine steams, and herbal teas! This company focuses on helping individuals gain vital nutrients from 100% natural products. This all natural brand is a perfect fit for those looking to get rooted in a healthier lifestyle.

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Eden’s Garden needed an online space where customers could place orders and receive them through shipping. The products also needed to be showcased throughout the site. 


I created a site where customers can seamlessly go from browsing to buying along with multiple convenient delivery options. This site also features their products while integrating them into the aesthetic.

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OsteoStrong specializes in helping people build better and stronger bones. Their patented tech helps you activate your body’s natural growth trigger to create stronger bones without added drugs or surgeries. This brand is incredible because it actually delivers on their promise of no pain all gain! 

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Local OsteoStrong Cincinnati wanted a website where customers could become fully educated about the brand, view new offers, and book a session. It was important that the site followed the branding of the international franchise while not being a carbon copy of the parent site. 


I designed a platform that clearly highlights the the new deals and services that OsteoStrong Cincinnati has to offer. A pinned “book now” button allows clients to reserve a session with ease. By incorporating a different layout and displaying pictures of current customers OS Cincy can stand out while still maintaining their brand identity. 

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Nine Pearls

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Nine Pearls is a clothing line that creates branded apparel for Delta Sigma Theta’s sorority chapters throughout the US. They make it easy to find a fit for your entire line. They are perfect for Deltas that want a unified and polished look for themselves and their line sisters.  


Nine Pearls was in the process of expanding their business and needed a website that could streamline their order and delivery process for purchases nationwide. They also wanted a theme that would support their Christmas “That Delta” seasonal pajama line.


I constructed a website with an e-commerce store that supported delivery to all 50 states as well built in notifications to signal a new purchase. I incorporated shimmering snowflakes along with a silk bow to tie in the Christmas theme and perfectly compliment the Delta’s signature crimson red. 

Video Editing


Click on any of the screens to view my edits!


The training director wanted a personalized keepsake that honored their specific team members. She wanted it to be brief and customized to reflect the recipients and their distinct personalities


I created characters inspired by the actual employees and included details such as their names on their name tags as well as incorporating their special quirks about them such as one team members love for singing. The owners were also included in the end to further customize this sweet keepsake. 

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This kind keepsake honors the recipients of the awesome sauce award for Chick-fil-A’s Voice of America location. These team members displayed excellence in the restaurant and the community. Click the menu screen to get started. 

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When Covid interrupts and turns a wedding virtual there is no better gift than a video tribute for the newly weds. Select the Tv to watch.


The bride’s best friend desired a wedding tribute that fully encapsulated the bride and groom’s unique style while paying homage to their cultures and diverse friend group. She wanted to incorporate the “campy” aesthetic of the bride’s favorite director Pedro Almodovar as well.


Campy was what she wanted and campy is what I delivered. This different style definitely added a fun spin on the traditional wedding salute. By adding dramatic clips with brighter colors and patterns I was able to achieve this specific artform and send off the Mr. and Mrs. in style!

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This was the perfect way to celebrate Women’s History Month, by celebrating local women of excellence. Tap the tablet to view.


The woman in her element of excellence needed to be the focus. The logo and colors were to be incorporated without taking away from the main theme of celebrating a women of greatness.  


To help the audience focus on the subject I utilized traditional b-roll and other subtle edits as to not distract from the featured guest. I added in slides with the logo and the selected color pallet in the transitions to be further establish and compliment the overall theme for Women’s History Month. 

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BLK MKT brand asked for a look that was simple and monochromatic. The owner loved the logo and wanted packaging that was synonymous with their new branding and the founder’s vision. 

Sometimes less is more and in this packaging design that is true. The contrast of the sleek black background allows for the logo to be the highlight while staying on brand with the monochromatic minimalistic look. 



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BLK MKT Brand is an all inclusive beauty line that produces fragrance balms. Their balms help you maintain your scent all day long. As the balm melts into your skin the fragrance is released leaving a rich aroma to carry you throughout your day. 


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Eden’s Garden is a wholistic company that helps people enjoy a healthier lifestyle through their organic products. Starting with items such as gel and dried sea moss Eden’s Garden has been able to help others gain additional nutrients and health benefits. 

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Eden’s Garden wanted packaging that represented their organic and wholistic products while presenting them with a polished and finished look. 


I chose to incorporate earthy brown and green tones as well as plant imagery to convey the message of a natural, organic product. The thin lines along with the font choice provide a more refined design. 

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